Liam Bennett, #22 on the Men's Soccer team holds a level of ambition not many students have. He's travelled to Iceland, hung around with a Strong Man, and anticipates a surfing trip in Costa Rica following his graduation. He is more than just an athlete.
Q: What does inclusion of NCAA student-athletes mean to you?
LB: "NCAA inclusion is a very important core value because it makes everyone as one. Gender and diversity, doesn’t affect learning environments for student athletes."
Q: Why did you choose this word to represent another part of you?
LB: "Being a student-athlete means that you should never discriminate each other. We are all one."
"As a student-athlete at UNH, I believe that dedication will impact your success. Being a granite-state native has made me realize that I love to represent New Hampshire; which I call home."
"I’m a person who wants to gain immediate advantage rather than be guided constant principles or plans."
Q: What stereotypes do you experience and want broken down, as a student athlete?
LB: "Sacrifice is a key word as a student-athlete. Being one should be an honor, and something that you have to work towards. Being a student-athlete makes you realize that you should be a role model to others.​​​​​​​"
Q: Outside of the goals in your sport, what do you hope to achieve during your time at UNH?
LB: "Outside of the goals for playing for UNH Men’s Soccer, I hope to achieve success in classes, and to love every moment this school can give me."
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