Josh Bauer is a senior pre-med student and #5 on the men's soccer team. On top of his many accolades and impressive statistics as a Wildcat, he emphasized the importance of family to him. It took him a full day to decide which set of words he wanted to use to highlight another part of his life. 
Q: What does inclusion of NCAA student-athletes mean to you?
JB: "Inclusion of NCAA student-athletes to me means that we are more than just our label. It’s easy to isolate athletes as their own group when in reality athletes make up a wide variety of groups across campus and in the community. Inclusion of student-athletes as a part of the general student body population and not just athletes should definitely be applied to the social atmosphere of school."
Q: Why did you choose this word to represent another part of you?
JB: "I chose 'Big Brother' because my little sister, Jessica, is a big part of my life, whether she knows it or not. I learned how to be a good big brother from my older brother, Jacob, and since going to college my little sister has had no big brother presence at home. I try to do my best to check in with her and make sure she’s on the right path. Being a teenage girl in today’s world is not easy and any way I can help her out goes a long way."
Q: What stereotypes do you experience and want broken down, as a student athlete?
JB: "While being a student-athlete is a huge part of my life, there is a lot more to me. I think it’s easy for other people to generalize all student-athletes as one type of person but in reality, there are so many different traits, interests, and hobbies that range across all student-athletes and I think that’s pretty special."
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