emma woodhouse, a senior Business Administration: Management and Marketing student, took the opportunity as a co-captain to motivate her teammates every day. on top of being an already self-motivated individual. 
Q: Why did you choose this word to represent another part of you?
EW: "I chose the word motivator because I feel like I’m not just a motivator for myself but also for my teammates. Being a senior and co-captain for the ski team, I feel like it’s my duty to motivate and support my team to be better athletes and people. I think it’s super important to be there for your teammates and help them get to where they want to be."
q: What stereotypes do you experience and want broken down, as a student athlete?
EW: "A stereotype I’ve experienced as a student-athlete is that I’m only here for my sport and a college education is a bonus. Athletes have so much more to them and have more interests than just our sport."
Q: What does inclusion of NCAA student-athletes mean to you?
EW: "To me, inclusion of NCAA student-athletes means that no one is ever left out. I think it’s important to take care of the people around you because we are always stronger when we’re together!"

Q: Outside of the goals in your sport, what do you hope to achieve during your time at UNH?
EW: "What I hope to achieve for my last few months at UNH is to just experience every moment to the fullest. Whether that’s exploring my career options or meeting new people, I want to embrace all the opportunities I have left at UNH."
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