"I was so anxious and nervous after I finalized a date with Meghan for my first ever photo shoot....and it was a boudoir shoot at that!! From the moment I booked my date, Meghan was so supportive throughout the four weeks prior, helping me with shoot ideas I had, helping me to feel comfortable in my own skin as I sent her pictures of my outfits I had chosen & constantly reminding me I’m a bada** woman! She was incredibly open minded and creative with all of her own ideas for the shoot as well! The night of the shoot I was so nervous, but as soon as Meghan started snapping away at her camera I got straight into character! Meghan hyped me my whole entire shoot! I chose this shoot to give as a gift to my fiancé for Christmas, and when the book came in two days before Christmas, I was in complete awe at my my photos! I had became so excited to give this gift to my fiancé! My photos came out absolutely incredible! My fiancé was absolutely speechless! I realized looking at my book how much of the shoot was for me as well, I saw myself in a way I had never seen before which was so empowering for me as a woman! My fiancé now starts his day by looking at his book!!"
- Alex J. 
Classic Boudoir Photoshoot 
~ $550 
- one hour photoshoot
-Premium Book
Mini Boudoir Photoshoot 
~ $350
- 30 minute photoshoot
- premium book
Thank you!
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